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list of shareholders text
shares numeric
ownership percentage numeric
change numeric

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Last updated March 26, 2018
Created March 26, 2018
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The dates in all sectors related to the shareholders are exactly one trading day after the trading day. For example, at the end of 15/04/1393, the main shareholders are under this date 16/04/1393 (assets for the following day will be counted according to the transactions on that day) Changing the ownership of major shareholders is not the result of transactions and are included the transportations as well. The information published under the title of major shareholder assets during trading hours on the tsetmc site is related to the end of the previous trading day and does not include trading in current transactions. Changing the assets of major shareholders due to transfers or current day deals will be published after the completion of the current trading hours and the completion of the transfer operations on the site. A major shareholder list is publicly available for general information and may not have the accuracy or details. Therefore, if such information is needed, then the competent authorities (central securities depository company and the settlement of funds or companies to the stock exchange) should be called after the formal procedure.

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