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Last updated September 24, 2020
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"Source: Statistics Center of Iran, survey of workshops with research and development (R&D) activities * Figures for the years 91, 92 and 94 have been revised due to obtaining information from unanswered statistical units and more complete coverage of the plan. Research project: A research project is a homogeneous set of scientific and cultural activities in the time frame, schedule and specific objectives of research and development, which is carried out by a group of scientific and technical staff. Master's and doctoral dissertations are also considered a research project. Fundamental research project: Any experimental or theoretical activity that is mainly done to expand the frontiers of knowledge without considering the practical use of research results, the results of which are not currently applicable and more in the form of general principles, theory. And laws are provided or done in order to provide the necessary scientific background to solve current and future problems. The results of basic research are usually not marketable but are published in scientific journals or passed on to stakeholders. In this type of research, the researcher is somewhat free to pursue his goals. Applied research project: research based on knowledge gained from research or experience in order to apply existing methods, theories and models to provide an analysis of a phenomenon that may lead to finding a solution. Because the results of applied research are applied to specific problems and cases, they usually affect a limited area of ​​science and technology. Development research project: Any regular activity that is done to promote and use the results of basic and applied research for use in the production of materials, products, process tools and to develop new methods or improve them is development research. The most important difference between development research and other research is that development research is done to introduce new applications. ""Activities related to the adaptation of imported technologies and the improvement of existing technologies are considered as part of development research activities."""

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