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Column Type Label Description
Description numeric
Urban – land and building numeric
Urban – building text
Urban – rental numeric
Urban – versus a service text
Urban – Tenancy deposit text
Urban – endowment text
Urban – free of charge numeric
Urban – others text
Urban – undeclared numeric
Rural – land and building numeric
Rural – building text
Rural – rental numeric
Rural – versus a service text
Rural – tenancy deposit text
Rural – endowment text
Rural – free grants text
Rural – non property assets and free of charge text
Rural – free of charge text
Rural – others text
Rural – undeclared numeric

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Last updated March 26, 2018
Created March 26, 2018
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Source: Statistical Center of Iran, General Census of Population and Housing For years with no figures, means that the data doesn't exist. Ownership of the property versus a service - the right to use the building if the service is obtained. Ownership of the property free of charge - If the ownership of the property is not the ownership of property and land, the building, tenancy deposit and versus a service, then it is free of charge ownership.

Publisher Statistical Centre of Iran
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